Import - Duplicate row error

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Import - Duplicate row error

Hi all,

I'm a TD newbie and I'm trying to import data from a tab delimited .txt file into TD. I'm using the Import Data from the File tab and using the following syntax:

insert into db_1.account_number_1 values (?)

it will run for about 30 seconds and I'll keep getting the following error:

Duplicate row error db_1.account_number_1

When I check the data, there are no duplicate entries. is there a way for me to ignore this error and let the import continue to run? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Re: Import - Duplicate row error

Possible solutions:

1. Load the data into a multiset table. If the target table must be a set table, you can "insert ... select" into the target table from the multiset table, and duplicate rows will be suppressed automatically.

2. By default, character columns in Teradata have the NOT CASESPECIFIC attribute, which causes character values that differ only in case to be considered equal. You may need to explicitly specify CASESPECIFIC if the default is not suitable for your application.