Increase the size of DBC


Increase the size of DBC


I installed the 40 GB VM version of TD 14. I want to restore my existing DBC (~ 35GB) onto this VM. Is that going to be a problem?

Also, how do we increase the space of DBC in VM?

When I am trying to increase the PERM space of DBC, I would write something as: "modify database dbc as perm=38000000000;". I get an error saying " The user does not have DROP USER access to database DBC."



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Re: Increase the size of DBC

DBC can only be restored to a freshly SYSINITed system.

The available perm space of the Express version can't be increased, you better download the 1TB version.


Re: Increase the size of DBC

Yes. Thanks Dieter.

Even in the 1 TB version, I found DBC to have -ve space and could not complete the post-restore steps happily. So, I set the user databases to 0 sizes and then did an updatespace on dbc while also using give and modify database. Finally, the space became +ve and post-restore of DBC completed.




Re: Increase the size of DBC

Hi Dieter,

You are my guru. I don't know much about SYSINIT. Is it that utility where we can configure the DBS variables  and GDOs on the screen and have multiple choices? Once it is done can it be re-configured from beginning?

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