Incremental Backup in Teradata Environment


Incremental Backup in Teradata Environment

Hello Experts,

I am new to Teradata, Kindly let me know how we can achieve Incremental backup in our TD environment.

I know we can do it by using PPI and Journals (Before/After Image) but these are time & resourse consuming process. So I dont want to go with these options.

Do we have any other settings in teradata or Netbackup server end to achieve this incremental backup ?

We have installed TARA software in our environment and it is linked with our Netbackup master server. 

Everytime we take full backup after every 15days but this time we need to check incremental backup.

Kindly help us ASAP.



Teradata Employee

Re: Incremental Backup in Teradata Environment

FYI, Permanent Journaling (PJ) to facilitate incremental backup/restore is not supported any more.  Standard full backups of databases or individual database objects is the first choice as most functions that shortcut this in the backup cycle invarible impact the restore process.

Using TARA/ARC there is no intrinsic way to implement incremental backups

The new backup solution Data Stream Architecture (DSA) has a form of incremental backup implemented though Change Block Backups (CBB) however this may not be appropriate for volitile environments or sites that require simplistic restore solutions.