Incremental Backup in V2R5

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Incremental Backup in V2R5

What is the process for performing an incremental backup in V2R5?

Re: Incremental Backup in V2R5


The incremental backup process in Teradata is not difficult.

There is a Teradata manual called "Archive/Recovery Utility Reference" that I would like to recommend you to read and do some tests to get used with the concept.
Basically, the process does not differ from traditional environments, where you have to do a full backup first, and then you may start to do the incremental backups.
In order to accomplish this you will need to activate the permanent journal (transaction log as known in other environments) and backup the permanent journals. If you need to return from a backup, you restore first the full backup and then start to rollforward (after image permanent journal) or rollback (before image permanent journal) in a point in time, from applying the permanent journals on the full backup restored.

I hope this helps.