Index Privilege on DBC tables

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Index Privilege on DBC tables

I need to grant Index on some DBC tables to a role. Is there a way to do this?

I have executed the following while logged on as dbc:
grant index on DBC.ACCESSRIGHTS to ;

but it throws the error:
3523: The user does not have INDEX WITH GRANT OPTION access to DBC.AccessRights.


Re: Index Privilege on DBC tables

Not permissible with DBC.Accessrights without likely involving GSC.

DBC does not have the necessary permissions to grant itself the rights needed to perform the GRANT to the role in questions. Are you attempting to collect stats on DBC.AccessRights using a userid other than DBC? DBC can collect the stats without a problem but I can appreciate your reluctance to place DBC's logon information into a batch routine without careful consideration of encryption of the password.