Informatica Insert for Teradata Temporal Tables

Teradata Employee

Informatica Insert for Teradata Temporal Tables



We are using the standard Informatica relational connector for informatica to insert data into temporal tables (TD 15.10 and INFA 10.1). The TPT connector can't be used as the 15.10 version does not support temporal targets.

INFA generates a standard INSERT which fails because the "NONSEQUENCED VALIDTIME" phase does not prefix the INSERT. There also seems to be no way to generate an INSERT with the PERIOD form of the INSERT statement. 

Does anyone have any experience, recommendations, best practice guidance on how to prefix the INSERT statement with the "NONSEQUENCED" phrase. We would prefer something that is easy to take out as the customer will be implementing 16.20 in the fall and we would want to use the INFA TPT connector after that.