Invalid Date/Time/Timestamp


Invalid Date/Time/Timestamp

Hello all:

Usually and issue like this is related to an INSERT statement, but this one is occuring when selecting from DBC views. :/

I have a user receiving the following error when executing the query below in my application.

select top 10 * from DBC.Indexes

Where IndexMode='L';

“ERROR [22003] [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Invalid date/time/timestamp value.”

They are using the Teradata ODBC Driver and I believe they have uninstalled and re-installed although I'll suggest it again if someone suggests it might be an ICU or GSS issue.

Their driver settings match mine exactly.

I've tested this on the same application using the 13.10 and the 14.00 ODBC drivers and I cannot duplicate the issue.  

Any idea as to why this might be happening?


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