Invalid operating environment for procedure execution


Invalid operating environment for procedure execution

Hi All,

 I found the warning "Invalid operating environment for procedure execution"  while compiling a procedure.

The warning was shown for the line of code where i am calling a procedure from the master procedure.

I got the same error "Invalid operating environment for procedure execution" while trying to execute the procedure.

Still trying to figure out why this problem.

Any help will be grateful.

Teradata Employee

Re: Invalid operating environment for procedure execution


Here is what I found in a documentation :

"The Teradata RDBMS server operating environment in which the CALL SQL is submitted is different than

the one in which the stored procedure was created. A stored procedure created in say, NT server environment cannot be

executed on UNIX server. This situation can occur if a stored procedure is restored to a different server operating environment

than the archive was created on. From version TD13.1 onwards, a stored procedure created on one ’row format’environment

cannot be executed on another ’row format’ environment."


I noticed the same issue when restoring the SP from a different machine with different hash alogorithm.