Issue with Teradata Installation

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Issue with Teradata Installation

Hello All,
I am new to Teradata and I am trying to Install Teradata V2R6.1 & TTU8.1 on Windows Vista. After installing i am trying to start the Teradata Service Control installed as an icon on my desktop. But it keeps throwing me the below error message, i made changes to the host file as well and corrected the IP Address for the DSN(DemoTDAT) but all went vain. Could you please me out, was this an compatibility issue?

Error Message:-

Gateway Must Be Started, Please reboot or Uninstall and Reinstall the Teradata Software

Contents Of Hosts File:-

# localhost DemoTDATcop1
#::1 localhost DemoTDATcop1

New localhost DemoTDATcop1 localhost DemoTDATcop1

Thanks & Regards,

Re: Issue with Teradata Installation

You should download or order "Teradata Express Edition 12.0", which is known to run on Windows Vista and has available installation support. V2R6.1 is way out of date and was never tested on Vista.

Re: Issue with Teradata Installation

And for ore information on installing Teradata 12 Express Edition on 64-bit Windows incl. Vista you can refer to: