Japanese column to English Columns


Japanese column to English Columns

Hi Folks,


I am writing an SQL in Teradata



 a.column 1

, a.column 2

, b.column 3

, b.column 4

from table a

inner join table b

on a.column 1 = b.column 2


I have the output and all the column in Japense


As i am English speaker, I cant analyize the result


Is their any function/Query/Procedure in Teradata which can convert the query column output in English


all the column 


-- all the c

Teradata Employee

Re: Japanese column to English Columns

Do you require transliteration, or translation? Here is the difference from http://userguide.icu-project.org/transforms/general,  'Script Transliteration':

'Script Transliteration is the general process of converting characters from one script to another. For example, it can convert characters from Greek to Latin, or Japanese katakana to Latin. The user must understand that script transliteration is not translation. Rather, script transliteration it is the conversion of letters from one script to another without translating the underlying words.'


The ICU API has a Script Transliteration capabiility. However, Teradata does not currently provide access to this ICU API service. Submit an enhancement request through your support representative if you need this. 


Translation is more difficult. Contact a Teradata Localization specialist for this (e.g. Tak Takahashi).


However, I do know that Google Translate works for simple adhoc web input translations.