List of Teradata Customers


List of Teradata Customers

Hi All,

I am looking for assistance in creating a list of all Teradata customers.i.e.List of companies who use Teradata. Located below URL ,where as I noticed this as incomplete as companies like CitiBank,Barclays etc were missing.I was asked to prepare this list with maxium users of Teradata across domains/verticals.I request experts to help in compiling the list.

Thank you.

Re: List of Teradata Customers

Hi All,

As we are unable to find the list at one place,I request all to share the Teradata customer names which you are aware of. (To whom you worked with on Teradata system)

It would be of great help ,If i could prepare a list with which are excluded on above Teradata customers URL.

Look forward to your participation.(Do let me know if this discussion needs to be moved to other forums)

My List : 

1. UHG

2.Wells Fargo


4.L and T

5. Citi Bank