Locking Access


Locking Access

Hi Everyone,

I need to know few clarifications please help me out..

1. An User in Teradata have access to what locks?

a) Read and Read locks

b) Read & Write locks

c) Read & Exclusive locks

d) Exclusive & Write locks

2. Difference between SQL Assistant tool and BTEQ?

3.If a node fails what it will do?If a disk fails what it will do?

a) Transient Journal

b) Full Table Journal

c) Down AMP recovery Journal

d) Permanent Journal

4. When a Query is submitted in Teradata what is the process of it ?(like where it will go,what it will do)

5. Response Time,Throughput differentiation,dependencies.

6. Sparse Index in Teradata

Do please help in answering these questions..   :-(

Advance Thanks,



Re: Locking Access

Hi Sarani,

I think you should begin here : http://www.info.teradata.com/



Re: Locking Access

Hi Dixxie,

I gave up exams too on TEO 141 .. but I could not able to clear it..

please suggest me on what basis they will evaluate,I can re take it again? and I am pretty much sure on my answers. Money also gone :-(