MS VBA - ADO - Update vs. UpdateBatch


MS VBA - ADO - Update vs. UpdateBatch

Just an FYI.

I am using VBA and ldap to connect to Teradata.  I've been using the Update method for ADO recordsets, but it's way too slow for large updates, so I switched to UpdateBatch.

Small problem:  with UpdateBatch, it would seem to go thru the update (time-wise) but then give me a 'table not found' error for the table I was updating.

The Update method did not do this.

I found that you MUST use a DEFAULT DATABASE in the connection string for UpdateBatch to work.

Teradata, it seems, had 2 different sets of programmers working on Update and UpdateBatch.  Typical of Teradata, the results of any operation may or may not produce the results you want.

I also found that, like with TDOLEDB, if you put the Max Buffer Size into the connection string, things go much, much quicker.  Sad to say, ODBC still sucks with Teradata.