Max Number of Columns in De-Normalized Table

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Max Number of Columns in De-Normalized Table

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Let me give you a brief background on what's done so far.

I have a view_1 which has around 100 column's and 100 Million records and the result set is then loaded into a table in about 90 mins.(record's returned very fast from this table/view) i have created one more view_2 on top of the Table which has 242 Columns to be precise and returning 25 Million Records.But the data retrival is very slow from the View_2.

Is it a good approach to create a table with about 242 column's(i'm sure DBA is not going to allow the same) instead to 2 View's and load the data to get a faster data retrival.

The above De-Normalized table is used for BI Reporting Purpose-Tableau

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