Max across multiple categories

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Max across multiple categories

Hey all,


This mabye be an exceptionally easy question but I still need some help.


I've a database that pull Social media contact data. There is 32 rows of necessary output (including date, time, handle etc)


What I need to see relates to two output items, Conversation Ref and Post counter (every convo will have a ref and the post counter will rise based on subscquent posts to the same convo). I am looking to see data relating to the last post on a particluar convo ref, I am using a max however this doesnt seem to work and I am getting duplicate convo refs.


Any ideas or suggestions that might help me?


Thanks in advance


Re: Max across multiple categories

Something like

select *
from tab       
   over (partition by reference         -- for each conversation
         order by postcounter desc) = 1 -- latest post