Mload - questions


Mload - questions

Greetings Experts,

Can you please confirm my assumptions regarding MLoad are correct.. Tablea has around 1000 rows belore Mload;  File to be Mloaded has 500 rows to be upserted with checkpoint of 100 rows 

1.  When the Mload is in application phase, and say failed due to some error (not server restart) and if we drop the temp tables and release the lock with IN APPLY clause, I assume tablea has more than 1000 rows as some of the rows might have been loaded into it as it cannot be rolled back (doesn't maintain transient journal) (will checkpoint have a role in application phase?)

2.  Say Mload is failed in application phase (loaded 200 rows from file to tablea, and therefore count is 1200), and if we re-start without dropping the required tables, will there be any extra rows that will be inserted (assuming the table is multiset table and the operation is insert only)  (checkpoint is considered in application phase?)

3.  How can I make a mload script to fail in application phase.. to test these and some other scenarios;

Thank you for your time.

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