Modify table space


Modify table space

Hello everyone,


I am new in this programme and I am trying to create a table but I can't.


I create a database called d_dwh_carga and I verified the space in the table


select database,
sum(maxspool(decimal(18,2)))/1024/1024/1024 spacespool
from dbc.diskspace
where databasename in ('d_dwh_carga')


This database has 2,95 spacespool but when I create a table in  sql assistant I get this error:

'Code 2644 No more room in database'


I do not understand why I am getting this error message when there is enough room.


Thank you in advance




Teradata Employee

Re: Modify table space

That is not telling you how much space you have for creating tables.  That is Spool space. Permament tables occupy Perm space.   Do a "Show View DBC.AllSpaceV" and familiarize yourself with that.Then try this:


sel sum(maxperm), sum(maxspool), sum(maxtemp), sum(currentperm)


where databasename='d_dwh_carga' and tablename = 'All';

Re: Modify table space

I executed the query



How can I modify then the permanent space to create a table?


I do not know If I understand you, sorry.

Teradata Employee

Re: Modify table space

Someone needs to logon as the owner of this database (or user) and modify it to add space, for example,

  modify database [or user] 'd_dwh_carga' as PERM=3e9

would take 3 GB from the owner and give it to d_dwh_carga.  The MODIFY command is documented in the SQL DDL manual, under "Database Commands."