Multiple Evaluation versions of TD


Multiple Evaluation versions of TD

It appears there are two evaluation versions of Teradata:

Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition.


Teradata express for VMware Player

Could someone clarify which is  best for evaluation purposes?  I will be testing Teradata with Oracle Golden Gate to load the DB, so ETL integration is my use case but I am interetested in hearing the pros and cons of each version. (Both seem to require VMWare preinstalled if I read correctly)


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Re: Multiple Evaluation versions of TD

The main difference is the VMWare software, you need a full vSphere ESXI for TVME and just Player/Fusion for TDE.

Additionally TVME allows more AMPs (RAM/disks) while TDE is 2 AMPs only, thus performance might be different.

If you don't have a VMWare Server in your company there's no choice...

TD15.10 is currently only available as TDE.

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Re: Multiple Evaluation versions of TD

To deploy community edition virtual machine you need to set up VMWare environment.

If you do not have a VM Ware environment, then you can use Teradata express for VM player.

Download and install VM player from VMWare website and then from vm player open the teradata express virtual machine.