Multiple Sessions Not Connected


Multiple Sessions Not Connected

I am currently facing a strange issue and hopes you will help me out. we have 2 production nodes 1 is on **bleep**.x.**bleep**.135 and other is **bleep**.x.**bleep**.136 when fastLoad is executed it requests 20 sessions and finally request time out occurs saying RDBMS reset or network down... and connection not established. i have changed the connection time out from 60 to 180 seconds and now it connects after 2 minutes 50 seconds...this is the problem only with 135 while on 136 it is connecting quickly within 2 seconds even 20 sessions. Any workout. Once connected queries go well. Any help?


Re: Multiple Sessions Not Connected

Hi Imran,

what is the error message ?

may be a situation where one of the gateways is saturated because of too many connexions ?

one node = one gateway (or more) = N sessions / Gateway (see the subject "How many sessions maximum can be assigned")

How are defined the connections for fastload jobs and user's activity ?

When too many connections are reffering to the same COP alias (**bleep**.x.**bleep**.135 in your case) or IP address instead of **bleep**.x. it could be an issue ...