Need help with convert Byte(6) to smallint

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Need help with convert Byte(6) to smallint

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I have a requirement where we are migrating Red Brick to Teradata.As part of this,we are working on RedBrick meta data tables. For instance, we have a meta data table in Red Brick named RBW_COLUMNS similar to Teradata DBC.columns and RBW_COLUMNS contains a column named TID, which is a unique table ID for each tablle with a SmalInt data type.

Now, I am trying to find out a equivalent column in Teradata and found that TableID in dbc.TVfilelds which is a Byte(6) data type.

Please help me out in converting  Byte(6) to SmallInt in teradata ASAP.




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Re: Need help with convert Byte(6) to smallint

You can't fit a 4-byte value (the 2 subtable bytes are zero in TVFields) into a 2-byte SMALLINT.


Instead, step back and think about how this metadata is going to be used.

For example, maybe you need a new table that establishes a mapping between (old) Red Brick TID and Teradata DatabaseName/TableName?