Netbackup 5.1


Netbackup 5.1

I'm a new guy to this forum -- please go easy on me.

Is anyone using Netbackup 5.1 with a Teradata and if so, how are you backing up the data? We've heard the best way is to use a Windows interface to get the data into NBU.

Any takers?


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Hi Rick

We used NetBackup and it worked very well, we have changed to NetVault 7.2 because there were issues with our UNIX system backup on the other UNIX servers.

The Windows interface is very eary to use, just remember you must set up a scr and a bch job. Also the setup of the NetBack environment is critical to everything working. We used a guy called Uys Brandt from NCR to help us.

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Hi Divvy,

Thanks for the reply.
Our situation is a little bit confusing. We have 6 Teradata nodes and are going to be using 3 Windows servers to back up their data with NBU 5.1.
All 3 windows boxes are identical with gigE, with SAN HBA cards also.
We have adjusted NBU buffer settings and the ODBC.

The issue is out of our 3 windows boxes, server 1 has about 8x the throughpput of the other 2 servers.

I'm leaning towards a problem with the Teradata Agent running on the Windows boxes 2 & 3. I don't know what settings in the agent can have this kind of affect on throughput. We've done about every kind of test we can think of.

Is there a registry edit that needs to be made we don't know about?

Thanks for any insite,

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We found the problem. It was one of our network swtiches,.
Thank you for your help.

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Hi Rick,
i want to set up netvault v8.5.1 on window server but i am not able to set up.
can you please help how to set up netvault it is very importent.