Newbie to Teradata


Newbie to Teradata


I am newbie to Teradata database. I have been working in SQLServer, Sybase and Oracle since 2003. But I am new to Teradata database.

When I ran the below query , I got the "Select Permission denied" kind of error message.

In SQL,Sybase sysprotect table will give you the information like below

Table Name    Permissions   userid

employee        Select           kk

employee        Insert           kk

employee        update          kk

employee        delete           kk

employee        Insert           k1

As per the above example, UserID k1 can insert the data into 'employee' table but he can't run 'select' statement.

I want to know such information/report in teradata. 

Inputs are welcome!


Re: Newbie to Teradata

@@version is used to see the version details in sql/sybase. 

Kindly tell me how to check the version through query not with the support of tool.


Re: Newbie to Teradata

All metadata is found in dbc-views, details can be found in the Data Dictionary manual.

Access rights for all users/databases: dbc.AllRightsV

Access rights based on roles: dbc.AllRoleRightsV

Access rights for the current user: dbc.UserRightsV

Access rights for the current user's role: dbc.UserRoleRightsV

Teradata version: dbc.DBCInfoV

Re: Newbie to Teradata

Thanks dnoeth!

Can you refer some good books to read about  TeraData architecture and programming ?