No more room in DBC


No more room in DBC

I'm currently getting an error "No more room in DBC". Googling around leads me to these forums where one user suggested dumping out the size of various tables in DBC using this query:


SELECT tablename, SUM(currentperm), SUM(peakperm)

FROM dbc.tablesize

WHERE databasename = 'dbc'


QUALIFY RANK() OVER (ORDER BY SUM(currentperm) DESC) <= 20

As you can see, EventLog is huge and probably needs to be truncated.  How does one do this?  Thanks.

EventLog 7,717,442,560.00 7,717,442,560.00

SW_Event_Log 1,811,204,096.00 1,811,204,096.00

TVM 53,500,928.00 85,500,416.00

TVFields 40,074,752.00 65,087,488.00

AccessRights 32,018,944.00 55,510,528.00

DataBaseSpace 12,496,384.00 21,589,504.00

TransientJournal 11,894,784.00 618,528,768.00

Indexes 4,789,760.00 8,046,592.00

RCEvent 3,691,520.00 3,693,056.00

ReferencedTbls 830,976.00 1,415,680.00

ReferencingTbls 830,464.00 1,415,168.00

TextTbl 816,640.00 1,059,840.00

ErrorMsgs 796,160.00 1,058,816.00

Dbase 457,728.00 648,704.00

ConstraintNames 448,000.00 764,416.00

ConstantDefs 326,144.00 453,120.00

ConstantValues 284,672.00 366,592.00

IdCol 221,184.00 375,296.00

PasswordRestrictions 156,160.00 206,336.00

Translation 73,216.00 94,720.00


Re: No more room in DBC

After googling around for awhile, I found a way to truncate a table. So I ran the following command:


which did the trick!


Re: No more room in DBC

Hi all,

I have the same issue using a 40GB VM. And I am curious how to delete or release the space of TransientJournal? Thanks so much. 

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Re: No more room in DBC

I don't think you can delete space from TJ. Please check if there is any dml going on the platform that is causing the TJ grow. After that is finished, the TJ space will automatically come down.