Node Failure & Teradata Stored Procs


Node Failure & Teradata Stored Procs

We have some 60 to 70  teradata SP's built on our Data Marts, catering various needs of our analytics. Was wondering if a Node Failure occurs, does the SP's Migrate to Standby Node or move to the other node in the cluster? 

What are the precautions or contigency measures that we have to take in order to get the system up & running always.


Teradata Employee

Re: Node Failure & Teradata Stored Procs

When intalled, the SP is available to all nodes in the cluster, stored in the user's space. A specific SP instantiation is done inside a session that is connected to the database. If a node failure occurs, after the restart the session will have to be connected and the SP call executed in the reconnected session. It will run wherever that new/reconnected session is running on the cluster.