Node Memory optimization


Node Memory optimization


I am looking for Node Memory Optimization for Operating System

is there any SQL or tool to do and check it .

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Re: Node Memory optimization

I'm not a TD DBA, so i dont have real time experience on handling memory issues.

But Please check the following link where Carrie has answered a question on issues with memory.

The answer gives details at a very high level and not in a detailed manner.
You can probably refer the Adminstration/Performance Management document for more details.

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Re: Node Memory optimization


Following is the hyperlink to presentation/procedure for "Memory Management – A Balancing Act ".

This article addresses Memory Balancing/efficient utilization among different components of the PDE/DBS. If you need more specific help, please raise query.

Move on to the hyperlink:

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Again paste the above link. After logging in by your new account, you will get the "memory" file moved into your account.

The Agenda is as follows:

Node Memory
Memory Partitioning
-- Between OS and FSG Cache
--FSG Cache Percent
OS Managed Memory
--Free Memory
PDE Managed Memory
FSG Cache.
Monitoring memory
--Free memory availability
--Memory allocation failures
--Cache Effectiveness Rate
Adjusting FSG Cache
DBS Cache Threshold
Hash Join - HtMemAlloc
Redistribution Buffer

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