Object Creator


Object Creator

We are trying to decide if there is an issue with removing a user that is the Creator of an object (Table, view or macro) for example.  Some have said no, some have said yes in earlier version.  We are on Version 15.10 and I just need to know if we should change the creator on object before removing the user or not.  And if we should is there SQL that we can run that will change the creator without having to drop and recreate the object.


Re: Object Creator

You can't change the creator of an object.


If you drop the creator it will be reported by the dbc-views as "dropped user" (using coalesce(DB1.DataBaseName ,'Dropped User') (NAMED CreatorName)).


It was a problem in earlier versions (the object was not returned by some of the views), but this was 15 years ago :)