Online archive logging cannot be enabled

Teradata Employee

Online archive logging cannot be enabled


I am getting teh following  warning message while archiving one of our database . I am unable to find out the table for which logging could not be enabled . 

01/18/2015 19:40:59  *** Warning 9136:Online archive logging cannot be enabled

                     on one or more tables.

01/18/2015 19:40:59      Table Info unavailable

I checked " dbc.ArchiveLoggingObjsV" , i dont see anything there .It has no rows as of now . 

I ran Lock Display on the database and found no Lock request .

I tried to manually enable the archive on that database and i see the same warning message . 

Ironically , I can select from all the tables inside of that database ( I picked up databasename and tablename from DBC.tables to do a select count(*) )

Can someone please tell me how to get the table name ?


Vishnu Gupta