Oreplace limitation

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Oreplace limitation


Does the Oreplace function in teradata has any limitation.

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Re: Oreplace limitation

It has to be executed on Teradata ;->

What kind of limitation do you have in mind?

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Re: Oreplace limitation

I am getting error :

Error is happening in SQL execution. Statement 1: SELECT Failed. 3577:  Row size or Sort Key size overflow.

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Re: Oreplace limitation

From the manual:

3577 Row size or Sort Key size overflow.

Explanation: The user request generated a row of

data or a sort key that exceeded internal Teradata database

limitations (presently about 64230 BYTES for a

row). >DR95940-BM230014-01<

NOTE: This may be a response row or a row for an

intermediate spool file needed to carry out the operation.

The row size may be too large when the data fields

would appear to fit, because of sort key fields.

In the case of FASTEXPORT where there is a UNION

with an ORDER BY, the sort key size is too large (greater

than 4096 BYTES) during vertical redistribution.

Generated By: GEN modules, OPT modules, and

TAB AMPPastd modules.

For Whom: End User.

Remedy: Change the SQL and/or reduce


Are you sure that your row or sort key is below the number above?


Can you share your SQL?

Do you use ODBC or .NET connection?

I once had the issue that a SQL caused this issue with ODBC connection but not with .NET connection.




Re: Oreplace limitation

In layman’s term, if you are using “Select *”, you are displaying every column in every table you are joining.  This message is saying I have reached my limit of columns to display.  What I did is start getting specific to which columns I want to display.  As I am joining new tables and want to see every column in the new table I just joined I do the following:










ztype.name as ENC_TYPE,

cser.prov_name as AUTHORIZING_PROVIDER,


Hope this helps.