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hi all,

I have a doubt related to the discussion above that

is one permanent journal table is defined for the full db or it is defined per table or for  multiple tables.. ?  

Also Dieter/Leo can u pls suggest me the pdf for this to refer..



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Hi Nishant,

there might be one PJ in each database/user.

Any table in any database might use any PJ, it's up to you how you set it up. Usually tables within a database use the same PJ.

An overview on Permanent Joiurnals is found in the Database Design manual (plus some topics in the DDL manuals).



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so a table having journal  and fallback protection is called dual image right ?

and what is purpose of having 2 copies of row which is undergoing a change. how this can be used?

is PJ is same as Tj.which is going to take a sanpshot of only the rows which are going to be changed or it will take a whole snapshot of the table.and what could be the size of the snapshot is it same size of the base table/row

thanks for you time 


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Hi All, 

we had faced an issue recently due journal, we introduced a temp table and by mistake it went with before and After journal, while first insert into temp table failed with no room in database and we dropped and recreated the temp table without journal , when we dropped and recreated Temp. tables there was no data in the table still has caused sudden dense to journal table. can anybody tell how this space can be recovered from journal table as the temp table never required the journal. 



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Journals can be deleted after submiting the "checkpoint with save" command which moves the rows from active journal to saved journal. Once the rows are moved to saved part then you can delete the journal rows using DELETE JOURNAL command.