Problem with Aliases


Problem with Aliases


I am facing a problem in Teradata

I want to create view in DAtabase1 and have my tables in Database2

Create view Database1.view1


sel a.col1 , a.col2

from database2.table 1 a, database2.table 2 b

where a.col1=b.col1

I get an error saying database2.a.col1 not found.

Please help


Re: Problem with Aliases

The only thing I do not understand from your query is the space between database2.table and 1 (same way with table 2). But I assume it is typo and you really meant table1 and table2.

Are you sure the problem is because of aliases ? I mean, if you remove them, does it work fine ? We use aliases in our view definitions all the time, it works fine. Did you make sure dabase2.table1.col1 is actually exists or not ? Check the spellings of your columns also, sometimes one character here n there could do that too.