Proper database Terms for for Teradata


Proper database Terms for for Teradata

As a beginner to Teradata (and databases in general), I am having some trouble with development on my end simply because of a lack of understanding the naming convention for Teradata. 

This small Diagram is based on the sample database that comes with Teradata 14 as viewed in Teradata Studio Express.

Database Connections

New Teradata Database Connection (Teradata v.

DBC  (Label A. ???)


tdwm  (Label B. ???)

Now from what I have found online it seems that both of the labes above (A and B) are referred to as a "Database" or "Databases", but this cant be right? I know that I can have many Users/Databases as dipicted by Label B, but can I have many Databases (Label A) or can Teradata only have one of these?

I apologize for my poor explanation of this, but that may just be rooted in my serious lack of understanding.


Teradata Employee

Re: Proper database Terms for for Teradata

I can understand the confusion.

There is an unfortunate tendency in Teradata literature to use the word "database" to refer to both an instance of the Teradata Database (what Studio Express calls "Database Server"), and "object containers" within an instance (what Studio Express calls "Schemas"). Then in the Data Source Explorer pane, the database (schema) corresponding to the logon username is shown as if it were somehow the parent of a folder containing all the schemas on that database server.