Resusagepma CPUBusy and Compression


Resusagepma CPUBusy and Compression



Regarding the 2750 platform which utilizes hardware compression - As per the manual, it uses compression engine adapters in conjunction with the Teradata Database block-level compression feature.  Is the CPUBusy in RESUSAGEPMA reflective of the Actual CPU + the CPU used by the compression engine to decompress data?

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Re: Resusagepma CPUBusy and Compression

Resusage accounts for Intel core utilization by Teradata software. The offloaded work to the compression boards is not added in to the resusage data since it is not using the Intel cores.


There is no separate monitoring of the compute in the compression boards themselves. There is an indirect way to monitor utilization of the compression boards by looking at the IO count and IO KBs (read and write). Make sure to look at the physical not the logical IO.