Retaining 1 random record among many duplicates

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Retaining 1 random record among many duplicates

I wanted a query to delete duplicate (retain ANY 1 row) in Teradata table, without creating any volatile table or complex logic. Wanted your inputs in this regard. In oracle we can do this with “row-id”, I was wondering if we can have access to “Primary Index” or “hash value” for a column?

I want a statement like: Delete my.table where primary-key-columns-or-all-column-list not in (Select 1 duplicate row from my.table )

Query to find Duplicates:

Select primary-key-columns-or-all-column-list, count(*)
From my.table
Group by primary-key-columns-or-all-column-list
Having count(*) > 1;

Possible solutions in Teradata:

Do an INSERT-SELECT into another table
with the group-by-all-columns (or EXCEPT logic)
Or utility load into a SET table instead of MULTISET so as to not permit
duplicate rows in the future.


create set table t2 as t1 with data;

T1 is multiset table with duplicate rows.
This sql will create t2 table without duplicate rows of t1 table.