Reusing the code Snippet in SPROC


Reusing the code Snippet in SPROC

Hi All,

Is there any way I can create function like strcture to keep my reusage SP code and can be called multiple times. I tried two difference Stored Procedure but is there any simple way to do instead of creating separate Procedure for the reusage Code.

I am new to TD and I have tried searching the forum before posting this thread. Incase this topic is already discussed pls share the link to the thread.

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: Reusing the code Snippet in SPROC

Basically the same question as I asked about 4 weeks ago, Sudhar, but mine was somewhat misunderstood.

As far as I can tell you can't do what you ask, which is very irritating and also surprising.

I'm currently writing a Stored Procedure to subset Data from a range of Tables and the implication of the restriction is that you end up duplicating code.

Obviously you can create an external Procedure but that just seems inappropriate when that procedure wouldn't be of any use to any other Procedure and it's purely to do some sort of localized function.

Certainly I can find no reference to this ability within the manual, but that doesn't mean there's not some other equally suitable method within a Procedure that I don't know how to use.

Other replies would be useful ...