Run teradata queries through Excel

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Run teradata queries through Excel

I want to run the teradata queries through excel, i want to run it through more intractive way like button in excel,so when pressing that button then the query link with that button run and provide the result in excel spreedsheet.


I found one link ,i have tried that one and kept one macro in the query box but after someday if we want to refresh the data its very difficult, if any button or any other interactive thing will be there then it will be easy for other to use.


Any refrence or lead in this is much apprecieated.


Re: Run teradata queries through Excel

You can do this, by writing VBA Macro code. When you are satisfied the data pull and map it to your excel sheet, then you can write VBA code to refresh it on a periodic basis. Is there a specific reason you want to use Excel? If not, I would suggest to you Dot net application for it. It's much more robust and flexible. You can still use any of the MS Excel/Access/Word functionality with the framework.  Thanks,