SNMP to HP Openview

Teradata Employee

SNMP to HP Openview

Hi all,

I'm trying to configure the Teradata Manager to send traps SNMP to HP Openview in cases of unavailability (total or partial) of environment.

The settings of SNMP Service (trap destination, community name, etc), Alert Policies and load of MIB in HP Openview are working correctly.

Test of sending a trap of priority rush:
[1] (OctetString): OIPRD
[2] (Gauge): 56
[3] (OctetString): Performance
[4] (OctetString): Session "DBA_TERADATA"/1/392227 - Running at Rush Priority
[5] (Integer): 0
[6] (Integer): 0
[7] (OctetString): 2008/09/04
[8] (OctetString): 10:35:35 (#2)

Now I need to set up the sending of traps for the case of: node is down, vproc is down and database restarts.

I do not have to simulate these events, need to know what the message (tdEventDesc) sent in these cases. I need to know the format and whether details are sent as the node name, vproc number ...

Any examples will be apreciated.