SQL Assistant Hierarchial Display


SQL Assistant Hierarchial Display

On SQL Assistant, I can view list of users and databases, but not in hierachy like in studio express (expand user and has databases or vice versa)

Is there such option?

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Re: SQL Assistant Hierarchial Display


 I could not clearly understand your question wether it is  about Studio Express or SQL Assistent.


And if you are looking something at Studio Express There is a small work around to get list of databases.

Open preferences window and navigate to DSE preferences seciton (refer the image)  and select "Only Databases.." from What to Load And uncheck the 'Show databases and users...' checkbox in What to Dispaly section. 

It will list only the DBs , but Seperating users list and DB list only possible at Studio , Administrative Persepective Not in Express.


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Re: SQL Assistant Hierarchial Display

I am asking if there is a such option on SQL Assistant