SQL Error--HELP!

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SQL Error--HELP!

I have a query as follows:

Sel A. a,
From A join B join C join
(sel max(case when condition then result) from table) D
A.a> {d '2007-01-01'}

A.a is a date field and this query is generated from Business Objects. Hence the where condition looks like {d '2007-01-01'} Here D is a Derived Table.
This query throws the error--- 3706: Syntax error: expected something between '>' and the end of the request.
The query works when i replace {d '2007-01-01'} with '2007-01-01' , but this is the query generated within Business Objects and I cant change it in the report.

The query normally works with {d '2007-01-01'} but only after removing the derived table. This error comes only when both the derived table and the date condition is used in the query.

Teradata V2R5 is used.

I doubt this is a generic error related to ODBC Connectivity. I don't find any SQL related syntax error .

Can anyone give me any related information about this?