SQL Error


SQL Error


I am running a sql query using SAS EG. It is essentially an explicit sql query that is wrapped within sas commands that make it run on the teradata engine. I need help resolving this error.

NOTE: There were 144405 observations read from the data set XXX.MCID_TMP.

NOTE: The data set XXX.MCID_TMP has 144405 observations and 1 variables.

NOTE: There were 12 observations read from the data set WORK.ZIP_LIST.

NOTE: The data set XXX.ZIPFL has 12 observations and 2 variables.

ERROR: Teradata row not delivered (trget): The format or data contains a bad character.

The entire sql query runs into 40-50 lines - so not sure if I should post the entire query. How do I troubleshoot this query?



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Re: SQL Error

Normally you get this type of error when you are casting a column into non-compatible data types e.g. casting char data into integer or something like that.

But without looking at the query it gets difficult to pin point what exactly is wrong.


Re: SQL Error

If you have DBQL enabled, you can troubleshoot it yourself, look into dbc.dbqlogtbl, dbc.dbqlexplaintbl and dbc.dbqlsteptbl and search for your query. From the explain and steptbl you can determine in what operation the error occured and such you could get an idea where is the problem.