SYSLIB database

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SYSLIB database

Hi all.

I am using the TD 14 VMWare distribution (the 4 Gig version).  There is a database already there called SYSLIB.  It is allocated 1e9 maxperm.  So this is already using up 1 of my 4 Gig.  Is there any odd effect if i change this to something lower so that I can fit more of my own data on the demo database?  SYSLIB is only using 1448960 but allocated a thousand times this.

What is SYSLIB for?



Re: SYSLIB database

SYSLIB is for storing global UDF's as well as tables that are used for distributing new packages. So, you can make it smaller as long as you have enough space for new global UDF's you might define (which tend to be small). On our Production system, that database only uses about 4MB, so you could probably very safely take it down to 20-25 MB and still have plenty of room in it.