Security Token - Replication group


Security Token - Replication group

Hi All,
I understood from the docs like Security token is a binary string generated by a server when a replication group is created or altered. Can any one explain more on this?

Lets say i created a Replication group "RG1". If i give a Alter command like ALTER REPLICATION GROUP RG1; the security token gets change. What actually it is happening when we say security token gets change? May be i couldn't get what exactly is a Security Token?


Re: Security Token - Replication group

The security token is intended to provide a simple way to authenticate the external replication TCP/IP client. It is like a password, except that it is always generated by the Teradata server. Since the user must have been granted certain privileges in order to execute the CREATE REPLICATION GROUP statement, we return a unique string (security token) as part of the result and assume that it will be conveyed by the user to the external replication software in a well-controlled manner. When the external software establishes a replication connection with a Teradata server, it submits the security token, which must match the one that was generated for the group.

Normally the security token remains unchanged over the lifetime of the replication group. However the ability to change the token is provided (via the ALTER REPLICATION GROUP statement) in case the original token becomes lost or if the user wants to change the token periodically to enhance security.