Show table command in TD 13

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Show table command in TD 13

Hi All,

When i fire a show table command in TD sql assistant 13.0, i'm not able to see the complete table DDL. Mostly the index part is missing in the output.

Any setting in the sql assistant i need to change to see the full DDL of a table?

Please help!


Re: Show table command in TD 13

You should install the latest patch for SQL Assistant and check if it's still the same issue.

Teradata Employee

Re: Show table command in TD 13

This is not a SQL Assistant problem. I have the same problem and it is the ODBC driver which is at fault. If you connect via .NET rather than ODBC the query will work. I saw this problem with SQLA and ODBC

I have raised an incident and received this from TD Support:
"The problem you are seeing with SQLAssistant 13.0 not showing all the lines of SHOW command in answer/output window is actually an ODBC problem, which is documented in knowledge article KAP1B2D52. The workaround for TTU 13.0 is to downgrade the ODBC driver to or use .Net. The fix for TTU 13.10 is included in"

Hope this solves your problem