Site minder authentication for Teradata


Site minder authentication for Teradata

Hi all,

Problem statement :

One of my client is having BO and Teradata environment.
And BO authentication is happening using site minder.But Teradata authentication is not using site minder , it is using it's own set of users.

When a user comes to BO web i using site minder session ID he/she can run web i reports on BO universe, which is having connection details other then user credential login (i.e. universe is using credential from set of users teradata not at site minder)
So if more than 10 users are accessing the same universe via web i, then Teradata throws spool space error.
Which is self explanatory.

Question :

So I am looking for steps through which same site minder session id is also can be reused by BO universe to connect with teradata database.

So if any one has does this or having any kind of idea then please share the same with me.


Re: Site minder authentication for Teradata

Guys please give your comments on this.........

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