Special Character Removal


Special Character Removal

Hi Experts,


I am getting a spool apce issue while i use the below function for replacing special characters:


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REGEXP_REPLACE(RU.MARKET_NAME, '[^0-9a-z]', '_', 1, 0, 'i')) 

The same i tried with otranslate, but it is not getting the desired result where 

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oTranslate(MARKET_NAME,' /-','_')

it is not replacing the / character.


Any help much appreciated.





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Re: Special Character Removal

Hi Sunny,


The OTRANSLATE function replace characters one by one according to their matching position. When there no character in regard to the position, it is removed.

Check with this syntax :

with cte_data (str) as (select 'abc def-ghi/jkl')
select str
     , otranslate(str, ' /-', '_')   as tr1
     , otranslate(str, ' /-', '___') as tr2
  from cte_data;

str              tr1            tr2
---------------  -------------  ---------------
abc def-ghi/jkl  abc_defghijkl  abc_def_ghi_jkl


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Re: Special Character Removal

You probably use this calculation in ORDER/GROUP/PARTITION BY where a VarChar is expanded to the defined size (like CHAR(xx)).

REGEXP_REPLACE returns a VarChar(8000).


Simply add a CAST(... AS VARCHAR(??)) which matches the actual data type of the source column.