Spool v/s temporary space


Spool v/s temporary space

What is the difference between spool space v/s temporary space?

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Thinking over a broader view there is no difference between Spool and Temp Space ...........Both emerge from unused perm space .
Only difference lies in the allocation i,e

1. Global Temporary Tables uses Temp space (session specific)
2. Other Temp tables(Volatile & Derived ) and result sets uses Spool Space(Query Specific).

Remember that if simultaneous queries are running requiring each(Unused Perm) than Temp Space is reserved prior to Spool space in VDisk.

This topic is amazing and needs a lot of discussion.
Nothing in details are mentioned in teradata manuals.
Please reply if you get something extra than mentioned above .

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Re: Spool v/s temporary space

Simple Way Of Putting....

Spool & Temp Both Are UnUsed Perm Space Throughout The System.

Spool Table & Temp Table have Different Features.

Spool Table Occupy Spool Space, So If The Concern For Someone Is To Reduce The Spool Consumption, One Can Create Temp Table, Where The Data Is Stored In The Temporary Space, Thereby Allowing Valuable Spool Space To Be Used For Other Operations.

Also, Persistent Image Is Stored In DBC Metadata Tables For Temp Tables & They Also Survive Restart & Newer Teradata Release Allows Stats Collections Also...All These Features Are NOT Available For Spool Table/Volatile Table.


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Just adding a point- from TD-13 onwards one collect stats for volatile tables as well