String contains an untranslatable character


String contains an untranslatable character


I have a problem when I try to insert datas in a volatile table. It appears the error "String contains an untranslatable character".

Here my Skript:

CREATE VOLATILE TABLE outbound_nk1_tracciato

    (Kundennummer bigint,

     Anrede char(4),

     Nach_Vorname char(50),

     Strasse char(60),

     Hausnummer char (20),

     PLZ smallint,

     WOHNORT char(60),

     Festnetznr char(30),

     Handynummer char(30),

     Emailadresse char(70),

     Geburtsdatum char(10),

     Anlauf char(10),

     Aktionsnummer char(70),

     Kundengruppe char(3)


on commit preserve rows;

ins into outbound_nk1_tracciato

sel distinct a.ktnr,case when ANR = 1 then 'FR.'

when ANR = 2 then 'HR.'

when ANR = 3 then 'FIR.' end, Name|| ' ' ||Vorname, STR, HSNR,PLZ, ORT,  '0043'|| trim(vorw) || trim(TEL), '0043'|| trim(vorwmobil) || trim(a.Telmobil),

EMAIL,  substring ((a.GEB ) from 7 for 2)||'/'||substring ((a.GEB ) from 5 for 2)||'/'||substring ((a.GEB ) from 1 for 4), substring ((d.date_firstorder ) from 10 for 2)||'/'||substring ((d.date_firstorder ) from 8 for 2)||'/'||'20'||substring ((d.date_firstorder ) from 6 for 2),

'TNK16', case when classe = 1 then 'NK1'



join date_firstorder d

on a.ktnr = d.ktnr

join BP_ATV.outbound_NK1  b

on a.ktnr = b.ktnr

Can you help me to find the error? In some other Skript it runs, but for this one it appears this error.

Thank you,



Re: String contains an untranslatable character


does anybody can help me here?


Re: String contains an untranslatable character

I had this issue once, I found bad data in the source table. I just ran a select statement, and browsed through the result set. I saw one row with a fancy character in a VARCHAR column. We got in touch with the source and got the data reloaded. I'm not sure if that is  your issue. Try browsing your resultset. hopefully there's not too many rows. I'm guessing it's probably with the GEB column