Submitting Procedures using BTEQ


Submitting Procedures using BTEQ

It seems the only way to submit a Stored Procedure using BTEQ is to execute the compile command, as I've had heaps of trouble trying to

pump "Create Procedure..." straight into bteq.


To create an SQL stored procedure:

"invoke a text editor to create a file named example.spl, and enter the SQL stored procedure

....Submit the COMPILE command with this file name."


Does anybody know why it is that BTEQ unable to execute the PROC directly and needs to run "COMPILE"?

The GUI's seem able to but BTEQ does not. I realise it is CLIv2 rather than odbc, but I thought this would be more versitile not less...

Teradata Employee

Re: Submitting Procedures using BTEQ

I would assume it can be due to the different nature of BTEQ and SPL.