Sybase to Terdata


Sybase to Terdata

We are moving tables from syabse to terdata.I'm a newbie to teradata sytax.

What is the equivalent in teradata to the following?

case when mx_as_of_dt0 > &as_of_dt then cast(&as_of_dt as date) else mx_as_of_dt0 end as mx_as_of_dt?

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Re: Sybase to Terdata

Unless the ampersand has a special meaning it's exactly the same in Teradats, simply remove the ampersand or replace it with a valid character, e.g.

case when mx_as_of_dt0 > #as_of_dt then cast(#as_of_dt as date) else mx_as_of_dt0 end as mx_as_of_dt