TEMPORAL DATA & NONTEMPORAL a piece of the puzzle


TEMPORAL DATA & NONTEMPORAL a piece of the puzzle


I am trying to make a clear sight on the subject of NONTEMPORAL use:

NONTEMPORAL is TRANSACTION related, and useful for operations on Transaction time axis only, i guess, not on Valid Time.

So NONTEMPORAL qualifier is unuseful when inserting a row, first time the row is added in the table, right ?

It is useful when deleting a row, updating a row, changing the begin and end timestamps of the PERIOD on a row.

What about a NONTEMPORAL query that makes an INSERT with an ending DATE of '9999-12-31 .....' ? according to online documentation it could be erroneous, because "The ending bound must be UNTIL_CLOSED or must be less than or equal to the value read from the system clock during the insert."

Does that mean a NONTEMPORAL INSERT query can operate in the past only ?

Thanks for comments,