TIMESTAMP not impacted by Daylight Savings

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TIMESTAMP not impacted by Daylight Savings

We have an application that stores one timestamp from various different time zones and they would like to store the data without it being adjusted by DST (i.e. for 3/12 2AM they want to store it as 2AM, but since our system is set to America Central it adjusts the time to 3AM). The requirement is to just store the date/time as is for this one column. Is there a way to define a timestamp which will not be adjusted (other than CHAR)? I believe the application would like to avoid having to use WITH TIMZE ZONE and supplying the correct time zone for each record being inserted.  Thx.

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Re: TIMESTAMP not impacted by Daylight Savings

Preferred solution is to store the source time zone, second best may be to store the character representation.


Internally, timestamps are stored as UTC so a conversion happens when the data is stored and again when it is retrieved. If you don't store the time zone and don't explicitly state in the SQL which time zone offset to use, then the current session default (possibly derived from user or system default) will be used.